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Out of Business – R.K. Narayan Rama Rao, the protagonist of this story inherited some money and he invested it to a gramophone company to become an agent of Malgudi. For five years his business was going well and he earned a lot of money that enabled him to live a decent and comfortable life with his wife and children. But things don’t turn as well as we do always expect. Suddenly a crash in the stock market brought his company to the verge of extinction. This news came to him like a bolt from the blue. Series of circumstances in the world of banking, trade, commerce, politics and the unexpected death of a Bombay financier has resulted in his financial disaster. Some doubted that the death of the financier was a case of suicide, because his wife’s illicit and immoral behavior with his cashier.
Initially Rama Rao didn’t feel the impact of the disaster. With the passage of few months his savings were being dwindled. His condition became gradually pitiable and pathetic. But his wife was very cool calm and composed. Not only that, she was sensible and sympathetic. She tried to lighten the burden of her husband by releasing the cook and servant, shunting her children from a luxurious and prestigious school to an ordinary primary school, and shifting from a comfortable bungalow to a commonplace house. Rama Rao was a hard working fellow, he didn’t spend his time yawning and gaping. He tried his best to get a job from one factory to another, but everywhere he was disappointed. In the evening his wife and children used to wait for him eagerly and anxiously for a good news. As usual Rama Rao returned home with gloomy face. Their only hope was the money that they got from the rent of their bungalow.
One day Rama Rao came across a journal named “The Captain” consisting of four pages. All the four pages were devoted to crossword puzzles. It offered every week a first prize of Four thousand rupees. He thought that he now could earn money by solving those crosswords….