Operation Managment – Regal Marine Case Study

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Regal Marine Case Study
1. State Regal Marine’s mission in your own words.

To provide innovative high quality boats that everyone can enjoy.

2. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are relevant to the strategy of Regal Marine. The strength of Regal Marine is its ability to maintain a competitive advantage through unique features, innovation and high value. Its weakness and threat is the competition with low cost entertainment alternatives such as home theaters, the internet and game systems combined with high fuel prices and a diminished economy. 3. How would you define Regal’s strategy
Regal Marine’s mission is to provide low cost, high quality, innovative boats covering customer demand from small watercraft to ocean yachts.4. How would each of the 10 operations management decisions apply to the operations decision making at Regal MarineDesign of Goods and Services
Regal Marine produces boats to meet the desires of consumers in over 30 countries. They keep close contact with their customers and develop new lines of boats every year. Regal provides high quality boats to satisfy customers seeking small watercraft to yachts.

Managing Quality
Regal utilizes defect charts and visual inspections. They have also developed close ties with suppliers ensuring both flexibility and perfect parts. Process and Capacity Design
Regal Marine uses a high quality computer-aided design, high quality molds and close tolerances. Location strategy
Basing in Orlando Florida supports a highly active boating community and other boat manufactures which should provide a larger customer base and a skilled labor force.Layout strategy
The layout of Regal Marine supports the production of 22 different lengths of boats.Human resources and job design
Being located in Florida, Regal Marine should benefit from a community with many skills in boat building and repair.Supply-chain management…