Old testament survey

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Old Testament
The Old Testament of the Bible is a unique collection of stories detailing the lives of prophets and people who lived before the time of Jesus Christ. It begins with the book of Genesis, which describes how these early people believed the earth was formed and the first humans developed families and communities. The next book, Exodus, is famous for including the story of Moses and his experiences in Egypt. The following articles include information about Old Testament history. For an Old Testament survey of notable figures and narratives, see some of the featured essays on this topic.
1. Adhering to Israel’s God by Leo G. Perdue
A detailed analysis of Walter Brueggemann’s new book on theology and Old Testament. Perdue says that Brueggemann is certain that the past has to make room for new ways of interpreting the scripture and that he deftly guides us in these new directions as one of those few individuals who have decisively shaped this theology in the 20th century.
2. Biblical Foundations of the Power and Politics by Kim Yong Bock
We find the most penetrating understanding of power and politics in the biblical literature. The vision of the politics of the people of God emerged in the form of the prophetic movement, priestly movement, and messianic movement. The apocalyptic literature should be regarded as the story of politically oppressed people about the dominating powers.
3. Conversations Among Exiles by Walter Brueggemann
In response to times of crisis, Leviticus urged the practice of holiness, and Deuteronomy stressed neighborliness. Unless the experience of loss is expressed, examined and understood, new ways of living are not able to emerge.
4. From Faith to Faith — Essays on Old Testament Literature by B. Davie Napier
(ENTIRE BOOK) This book discusses outstanding examples of Old Testament myth, legend, history, prophecy and law in an effort to show that common theological presuppositions underlie all of these varying literary…