Old and new, refined oil equipment comparison, and the necessity of upgrading products

Posted by admin on January 20, 2018 in Articles

Upgrade is all consumption of refined oil equipment products especially refined oil production machinery equipment (hydraulic press) features to maintain its survival and the safeguard the best guarantee to its vitality, is to want to, if a hydraulic press design more reasonable, more reliable performance, production decades not improvement still eliminated by the market, palm oil plantbecause it goes against market law of survival, a new type of automatic hydraulic oil press series and the difference and comparison of the old hydraulic oil press is a vivid example, the following hydraulic oil vendors would forrest equipment co., LTD. Is the characteristics of the comparison to the number of columns.
Old and new, refined oil equipment models contrast:
1. The old refined oil equipment: pressing chamber structure is unreasonable, the yield efficiency is low.
Automatic refined oil equipment: spiral: the directional pressure, multistage propulsion, a squeeze net yield efficiency increased 10-30%;
2. The old refined oil equipment: again hard to squeeze net, mechanical wear
Automatic refined oil equipment: large quantity: improved feeding system, increase the advancing speed, the efficiency increased by more than 30%;draught fan
3, old-fashioned refined oil equipment: can’t continuous production, production is small
Automatic refined oil equipment: automatic control, automatic control press temperature;The built-in vacuum shunt, oil, effective separation of slag;
4, old-fashioned refined oil equipment: mechanical quality is poor, short service life
Automatic refined oil equipment: : safe and convenient: the structure is exquisite, occupy less space;The fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation;
5, old-fashioned refined oil equipment: small oil mill performance, low profit
Automatic durable: airframe adopt high quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting, stable performance and can work continuously for a long time;Electrostatic…