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Of Mice and Men Loneliness
John SteinbeckMy essay will examine key characters on the book ‘Of Mice and Men’. I will mainly write about the key character’s types of loneliness’.
In this great work of John Steinbeck the book is about different types of loneliness’. Either somebody tries to make a connection with somebody and fails or someone actually makes a connection with another person but then that connection is lost. The story is about two migrant workers who are named Lennie Small and George Milton. Lennie is big, tall and strong but has a mental disability which makes him basically think like a child. On the other hand George is a small, wiry and quick-witted man. George takes care of Lennie and they both have this dream of getting their own farm one day. Lennie and George go around finding jobs as farm hands but either they don’t get the job or Lennie gets George and Lennie in trouble so they have to escape. In the first part of the book George and Lennie make their way to a new job on a new farm. We meet several new characters on the farm.
Candy – One of the major themes in the book and several of the dominant symbols revolve around Candy. An old handyman, aging and left with only one hand because of an accident, he worries that soon the boss of the farmland will soon declare him impractical and force him to leave the ranch. Candy’s dog, which was once an extraordinary sheep herder but now toothless, vicious smelling and brittle with age, supports Candy’s fears. Past achievements and current emotional ties don’t matter much, as Carson makes clear when he insists that Candy let him put the dog out of its misery. In a world like this, his dog serves a bitter reminder of the future that awaits anyone who outlives his usefulness.
For a concise time, nonetheless, the dream of living out his last days on the farm George and Lennie distract him with their dream from this grim reality. He is so persuaded by this that he offers his last earning he has made…