Novel 1 Project

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Novel I Project
The Old and The Sea was written by the author, Ernest Hemingway, His date of birth was 1899 then date of death was 1961. So anyway, The Old Man and the Sea is pretty interesting book, it was boring at first when I read then it got interesting in the middle of the book, it got my attention. The story is about an old Cuban fisherman was battling with the marlin fish on the far out of Gulf Stream. The protagonist, Santiago or Old man. He was an unlucky and optimistic person. He haven’t caught any fish for the last over 80 days! He also has a friend, he a boy and did not show his named in the book. Anyway, the boy is very helpful and caring and is like a son to him. He looks after him very much. They are fishing partner but the boy father didn’t want him to hang out with the old man because he heard that Santiago is unlucky, so his father wanted him to fish with different fisherman.
The setting take place in Havana and probably in 1920s, because Santiago talk about baseball with the boy, that all I know about the setting. The point of view is 3rd person, the unknown narrator is telling the story. Tone is where he met a marlin fish equal. But at the end of the day he has to kill the marlin fish. Santiago was being respectful but serious about killing the marlin fish. He used the journal style to use historical reference. These give dates and culture information part of the style is the stream of consciousness because he talked to himself because there no one else at sea. The fight between Santiago and marlin fish hurt, but he does not give up, though he cut himself a lot. Santiago take care of the boy at sea to teach him fishing. They take care of each other.
The main theme to me is the sameness of being an opponent and a friend. The marlin fish and Santiago are old and do not give up their life even though they are old and tried but have not give up, they are not defeated yet. I like it because it’s tell about fishing and I loved fishing. This is…