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NoSQL also know as not only SQL (structured query language) is a tool used for data design and management of
large quantity of distributed data. NoSQL database comprise a wide range of architecture and technologies designed
to overcome problems of scalability and big data performance problems. NoSQL is very useful when organizations
have to deal with large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data or remotely stored data or information on
virtual servers. Some NoSQL implementations that were launched in the market include Google BigTable,
MapReduce, Voldemort, SimpleDB, Apache Hadoop and MemcacheDB among others. This database has enhanced
scalability and offer superior performance which the rational database management system (RDBMS) was not
designed to cope with. NoSQL database helps to manage large volumes of unstructured data and posses’ ability for
quick iteration, agile sprints, and object oriented programming among others. Moreover, NoSQL database is flexible
and easy to use and has scale-out and efficient architecture which is inexpensive. The type of NoSQL database
includes graph stores, wide-column stores, document databases and key-value stores. Key-value stores find
increased usage over the other type as they facilitate usage of session management, e-commerce and web based
applications. Additionally, document database due to its basic and simple design are the second…