Noelle Koyl

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Noelle Koyl
English 101
Essay 1Gun Control In the last few years gun related homicides are dropping while terrorist attacks and mass shootings are on the rise. This is creating people to feel a need to purchase firearms in search for protection. I believe the manufacturing and distribution of guns is crucial for our safety, on the other hand I also feel that if we had strict laws to abide by it would reduce gun violence. American’s own 270 million guns, greater than any other country (CNN). The government is trying to protect citizens by creating gun control laws, however in actuality is this helping or hurting us? States have different laws for firearms which helps prove what laws are working better for gun control. It is less likely for someone to commit a crime with a firearm if they fear their victims may be armed as well. Statistics show countries and states in USA that hold a ban on firearms the crime rate involving gun violence drops significantly.
Why is controversy over gun control laws an ongoing debate? We need to look at the statistics to determine this answer. Nearly 30,000 people die from gunshot wounds a year (Dahl). Every 7 out of 10 killings are gun related most of which are suicide cases. In this nation, nearly 3,380 deaths are caused by terrorist attacks and 406,496 American deaths are due to gun related incidents (FBI). Most murders are committed with handguns rather than rifles and after the recent mass shootings occurring it leads the focus to banning AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles (CNN). All statistics considered it’s unbelievable to learn that in the last decade the gun related fatalities have decreased significantly by approximately 40 percent. Advocates against firearms believe this is due to increase of gun control laws while firearm promoter’s aspect is employment rates increasing and other influences had an impact (Poe).
Since the gun act in Australia was put in place there has been no evidence of gun…