Night Novel Essay

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Elie Wiesel and His Father’s Life Through World War Two
The Holocaust is a time where families are ripped apart and those who were still together turned on each other as the days go by. The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel is about himself and his life in the camps. He and his family are being sent to a concentration camp known as Auschwitz. When they arrived at the camp. Elie and his father are separated from his mother and sister. Elie, at the time, didn’t know what happened to his mother and sister until he was older. He was told they were sent to the gas chamber the day they were separated, many years later. Through the memoir he and his father stuck together through everything. Even through tough times. Elie and his father stuck together, through the times each of them were beaten, the times either of them were sick, and through the end when they could not go on any further even though freedom was right there. While Elie’s Kapo, Idek, is having one of his fits, Elie found himself being beaten very severely. Weeks later, his father was beaten as well. “‘ You old loafer!’ he started yelling… And he began beating him with an iron bar… Why couldn’t he have avoided Idek’s wrath?” ( Wiesel, 72). The Kapo, Idek, has a drinking problem, he is very violent towards the Jews when drunk. Everyone knows to stay out of his way, so they are not beaten. Unfortunately, Elie had crossed paths with him, then his father days later. Elie wants to go help his father, but knows if he gets in the way he too will be beaten again for getting out of line. Then Elie asks himself “ Why couldn’t he have avoided Idek’s wrath?”, He just wants his father healthy and to make it through this war until the end. This shows Elie really wants better for his father. Even though he had to watch his father getting beat, he still has respect and love for him. Elie and his father have been through quite a bit. They are finally close to freedom, then Elie’s father became very ill,…