New IT Technologies

Posted by admin on November 27, 2017 in Articles

New IT Technologies
Technological advances have benefited human beings in many different in aspects of human life including personal, social, and organizational life. It is important to remember that organization is essentially groups of people working together towards achieving some common tasks. Thus, it is not possible to separate what is good of organizations from what is good for people and societies in general. In fact, development of need for organizations has arisen out of the technological developments. Organizations are needed primarily because of the practice of the concept of division of labor which is a very important principle used in all technological developments.
Technology has also helped organizations to improve their internal management, further improving their effectiveness and profitability. Technology is perhaps the greatest agent of change in the modern world. Although never without risk, technological breakthroughs promise solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time. Let us look at a few new emerging technologies.
Cloud Computing
Relatively new IT technologies include those that pertain to cloud computing. While the technology of cloud computing in and of itself is not necessarily a recent development, cloud users have been frequent since the greater part of the last decade; recent developments include the access to and usage of private clouds. One of the chief concerns with cloud computing was always that which pertained to security. Cloud resources whether they are platform as a service, software as a service, and storage as a service or virtually any other type of service are accessed remotely upon demand via the internet and require users to pay for them only when they are used. However, since the cloud services are accessed remotely, they are essentially in the hands of the third party a fact of which inevitably leads to concerns regarding the security of proprietary information, particularly for…