Posted by admin on January 5, 2018 in Articles

What role does IT play in today’s modern business world? How can IT be viewed as a competitive differentiator1- As we all know each organization is unique and has unique requirements. In these cases, different steps are the key in developing a a good technology plan. The first step: Define the right tech strategy. In this step you need to know what infrastructure plan is needed for the company. Secodn step is to see what is the requirements, to describe the scope of the organization and evaluate also the current technology that are being used. The next step would be design, develop, and purchase the technology. In this step that would be laying out the design of the technology infrastructure, developing it, mounting it and program it for the suitable need of the company. Next step would be to train employees how to use all the features and lastly is to Maintain the Technology so that the employees could troubleshoot and support in case of issues.
I think these steps, for me, are the most effective steps to follow, maybe I might had missed a step, but as far as I experienced these are the most important bullet points to start an effective IT infrastructure for any company2- Information Technology is the big fish in today modern’s society.
everywhere you turn there is always a gadget, piece of equipment, cell phone or even wearable tech that almost anyone in the world depend on. If we would want to talk about business side, in this case IT plays a big role. Without IT business can’t run fast enough to increase revenue, industries cannot produce goods without the help of the machines and computers, Wall Street and any other major trading firms can’t trade fast without computers, Bloomberg keyboards nor cell phones! Any Businesses even schools depends on coputers and the help of IT. As the technology grows fast, the only competitor differentiator that IT should fear soon, is cloud management. We are already starting with e-mail cloud solutions such as…