Nationalism of Germany

Posted by admin on January 5, 2018 in Articles

Nationalism unifies people in many ways, some good and some bad, well here we are gonna talk about the good, which isn’t always good, just depends on how you look at it. So, here we are gonna look at things from a positive look, one that will shine light on why nationalism is such a great thing. So to start we are gonna look at the Germans, when napoleon took most of Europe, Germans looked at each other and said to each other, “if we speak the same language and practice the same cultural things, why aren’t we our own nation state?” For Otto Von Bismarck, this was the opportunity to take all the German states and combine all of them with Prussia to make one big German nation state. In Italy during this same time that Germany is uniting itself, Italy is going through the same stages of nationalism and remembering the great nation state it was when the roman empire ruled, and they wanted unification back, or at least most did. With the help of Count Camillo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi and a little assistance from the french, Italy was reunited into one nation state. Lets skip across the pond to central and southern america. Southern American and Central American revolutionaries took back mexico and south america from napoleon when he took over Europe. Then up north in north america, the american colonies revolt against the British in order to be its own free state, where you can practice any religion and say what you want and do what you want, within the laws of course. Without nationalism, we wouldn’t have some of the amazing countries that we have today but don’t forget, nationalism, like most things, has a dark side that lays behind the facade of greatness.