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Posted by admin on December 18, 2017 in Articles

Page 1 of 8 Page 2 of 8Information ProcessingIThink that the most exquisitely designed information processors today are
biological and mortal. I call them “usHumans”. Many world renowned research
scientists say that usHuman inputs are multisensory and that we also have builtin sensory transducers which converts all of our sensory inputs into a vast and
unfathomable “usCloud” of output (thoughts, words and actions), while simultaneously
maintaining and regulating our brains and bodies (Lee, 2012). For example:
? Baroreceptors located in our blood vessels sense the blood pressure and relay
the information to our brain, so that a proper blood pressure can be maintained.1
? Chemoreceptors located at diverse locations within our bodies respond to
chemical stimuli and detect food, habitat, mates, and predators in proximal
locations to ensure our survival in diverse and changing environments2
Scientists say that these are just two examples of many more known (and as yet
unknown) sensory receptors in usHumans, which process mind boggling amounts of
incoming information, creating outputs of equally (if not more) unfathomably large
outputs of diverse pools of belief systems, a veritable universal ocean of very individual
opinions and an immense abyss of strange behaviours. (Simon, 1990)31 Page 3 of 8The Kinds of Information Input dictates the kinds of Information
Output ourHuman brains can process
Distorted information outputs (thoughts, language and behaviours) therefore, appear to
arise as a result of diverse distorted inputs which further damage the brain capacity that
we were gifted with at the time of our conception – as researchers like (Emily J.
Jaehnea, 2014) continue to investigate and find out about….