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Posted by admin on February 4, 2018 in Articles

My Relationship with My Religion
Life without doubt does not last forever. Everyone agrees to this but not many are blessed
with the beauty of faith. Not many believe that there is a life after death. Not many believe that
there is a Creator to whom we will all return. I had always lived a carefree life until it occurred to
me that there was more to life than the apparent. It occurred to me that something was missing
from my life. How does a person only live life in the present without preparing for the future? It
wasn’t as though I didn’t know there would come a time when I will return to my Creator and be
questioned about my actions in this life. What was wrong was I didn’t care about it. I wasn’t
bothered which was quite foolish. But after some time, I started seeing things differently. My
attitude towards my religion changed in comparison to the way it was before as a result of the
knowledge I gained, the friends I got rid of, and the hard work I put into observing my acts of
My lack of knowledge was the major reason why I couldn’t see things from a different
perspective. I didn’t understand the importance of my religion and my purpose in life a year ago.
I was deluded by the worldly life and I didn’t care about anything other than my academics. I
didn’t understand that this world is only temporary and that the only reason we are here in the
first place is to worship our Creator. However, when I started reading the Qur’an it dawned upon
me what I had been doing to myself. How my ignorance was slowly leading me to my downfall.
I started realizing how much importance the name I had ascribed to myself was. I began to
understand that being Muslim shouldn’t only be by name but also by action. I started reading
more books about my religion and no sooner than later I fell deep in love with it. How was I so
oblivious to this blessing in disguise? No matter how much I read about it there was still so much
more to learn, as they say,…