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How Universities are Causing Suffering for Students
Wadah Badi
WRI 001
American University of Sharjah
Fall 2015-
How Universities are Causing Suffering for Students
At first glance, one would be shocked to hear that a person could be pushed to prostitution and suffering simply to cover their university expenses. However it is a different story if you are aware of the neoliberal attitude of universities nowadays; as most of these educational institutions consider themselves to be a profit only organization regardless of what they claim to be. For example Miller (2015) showed us the case of “Mandy”, in which the University of New York (NYU) disregarded her when she needed them the most after a disastrous injury to her parent which led her to be unable to pay university tuition fees. One would expect the administration to try and help her via financial aid till her situation gets better. However, even though all of her professors and faculty did their best to help “Mandy”, sheer reality remained; employees and staff have no authority unless given by the upper bureaucratic administration of NYU. Hence comes the complete negligence of the ill-fated student. Expand to this, what adds fuel to the fire is the appalling fact that “Mandy” was a proficient capable student that contributed a lot to the university as well as having excellent grades, lead to the unfortunate conclusion that Newyork University is a prime example of what the educational system has become; a business that treats all its customers the same as long as they keep paying.
Miller, M., (2015). With No Other Choice, This Student Resorted to Prostitution to Meet NYU’s Soaring Price.