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MGT 527 Final Exam StudyMGT 527 Week 1 Individual Assignment Business Consulting PaperMGT 527 Week 1 DQ 1MGT 527 Week 1 DQ 2MGT 527 Week 2 Individual Assignment Consultant and Client Communication StrategiesMGT 527 Week 2 DQ 1MGT 527 Week 2 DQ 2MGT 527 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Functional Areas of Business Comparison chart and PresentationMGT 527 Week 3 DQ 1MGT 527 Week 3 DQ 2MGT 527 Week 4 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan – Part OneMGT 527 Week 4 DQ 1MGT 527 Week 4 DQ 2MGT 527 Week 5 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan – Part TwoMGT 527 Week 5 DQ 1MGT 527 Week 5 DQ 2MGT 527 Week 6 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan – Part ThreeMGT 527 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Consultant’s Code of Ethics Presentation——————————————————————————————————————————————————MGT 527 WEEK 3 LEARNING TEAM ASSIGNMENT FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BUSINESS COMPARISON CHART AND PRESENTATIONFor More Course Tutorials Visit
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business ChartPost your completed Functional Areas of Business Chart in your Learning Team forumDiscuss, with your Learning Team members, the functional areas of business and how they interrelate with problem identification and potential solutions.Select one of the following options for your assignment:Create a graphic organizer such as a diagram, chart, or graph.Prepare a 5- to 7-slide presentation with speaker notes.
Answer the following questions:What are the differences in how each Learning Team member’s organization functions
What are the contributing factors to the differences? Consider factors such as industry, size, age of the business, and…