mental illness

Posted by admin on January 7, 2018 in Articles

Mental IllnessWhen comparing “A Brother Lost” to mental illness issues this story relates in many ways than one. “A Brother Lost is telling how a brother and sister are somewhat different but really they are alike. Jay suffers Paranoid Schizophrenia. This is a Mental Illness that requires medication to depress the symptoms of voices in your head, as well as hallucinations. Ashley is Jay’s sister in the story and she has depression which is controlled by medicine and a therapist. Mental Illness affects a person, mind, and thoughts. If you are being treated for a Mental Illness then you know that not following doctor’s orders by taking the medication it could prevent you from surviving everyday life. Like in the story if you don’t take your medicine then it will stop you from being normal with normal thoughts. Jay does want to take his medicine so he can see the world for what it is. Ashley on the other hand takes her medicine to deal with life itself. The difference between the two characters is that Ashley is a career women and Jay chooses to be homeless and not receive any help from his sister. Jay made the choice not to take his medicine and more so his mind is very unclear of things in life, Ashley’s mental illness is controlled by a therapist and medicine that she is able to survive daily life. Jay’s thoughts and Ashley thoughts are different because he hears voices, and he feels that the world is in cahoots and the world is against him. Ashley is depressed and does not know how to handle stress. These two mental illness could relate if Ashley’s depression gets uncontrolled. Making the right decision in your life is what’s best. But sometimes dealing with a mental illness will affect a person, mind, and thoughts.