media affecting women

Posted by admin on February 7, 2018 in Articles

Media affecting women:
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Whenever you gaze around your community, you are being introduced the thought of perfection and beauty. Most of these advertisements illustrate inaccessible or sexual expectation. These could be harmful to societies up and coming young women. The media is influencing women by what they see in reality T.V, music videos, advertisement and the internet. This is very harmful to a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence. They are also affecting women’s overall health. Currently, today’s advertisements are having an adverse influence on how our society views itself. Throughout the mass media, they are negatively targeting women of many different ages and culture trying to mold them into the perfect women.
The Effects of the Media on Body Image
We have all heard about how much little girls want to emulate what they see on the television. For example, in the article The Effects of the Media on Body Image by Amanda J. Holmstrom different theories are described that relate to the effects of media on body image. Amanda J. Holmstrom explicates three principles. This leads to the first is Festinger’s Social Comparison Theory. “Festinger states that people evaluate themselves through comparison with others and are more like to imitate people similar to them. The correlation motivates a woman to improve her body image if it appears different” (Amanda J. Holmstrom). The ideal person might be dispirited about the difference among an average woman and the one the media interprets as the ideal body type. This leads women feeling dissatisfied with their body. The second theory is the Gerbner’s cultivation theory. “Gerber states that the more you watch television, exposed to commercial and advertisements the more you would believe what you watch is real “(Amanda J. Holmstrom). The image the media is trying to render is a thin and beauty,…