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You can access your DPR by logging into your Student Portal ? My Degree ? Degree Progress.
• Confirm that you have completed or are scheduled for all the appropriate courses listed as required on your DPR.
If anything is red (i.e., not scheduled), call your Student Advisor to schedule your final courses.
• Maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA for undergraduate students or a 3.00 cumulative GPA for graduate
students (a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 is required for major coursework taken at Ashford University in
the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management).
• If you are adding to or changing your degree plan, the Area of Study Declaration form must be submitted prior to
the last day of your final scheduled course.
Submit your Petition to Graduate Form
• The form is located in the ‘My Forms’ link in your Student Portal? My Forms ? Registrar Office Forms ? Online
Forms ? Forms ? Petition to Graduate.
• The Petition to Graduate form must be submitted regardless of whether or not you’re attending the
commencement ceremony.
Pay the Graduation Fee
• After your Petition to Graduate is approved and on file you must pay the associated graduation fee. You can pay
the fee in your Student Portal ? My Finances ? Make a Payment, or by calling 866.974.5700 ext. 20066 to pay
over the phone.
• The graduation fee must be paid regardless of whether or not you’re attending the commencement ceremony.
• This fee must be paid by the student and cannot be covered by financial aid.
Pay Your Balance
• Your student account must be paid in full in order to have your school status updated to Graduate.
• If you have questions about your financial aid arriving in your final year, contact your Financial Services Advisor,