Matters needing attention of choose and buy fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine brand

Posted by admin on January 27, 2018 in Articles

Buy fruits and vegetables disinfection machine must choose reputable, high quality manufacturers.Because fruits and vegetables jiedu machine belongs to high-tech products, and be used for food disinfection sterilization, substandard products will do harm to human body health, so, when consumer is bought must choose normal manufacturer production of fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine.
Choose the price
Although fruits and vegetables machine available for several years, however, at the beginning of the listed products technology cost, high positioning its popularity is not high in the family.Nearly two years the price just kiss people rise slowly, a lot of families is through these low price products gradually accept, identification of fruit and vegetable washing machine products.Today the author is to introduce the five different price for different requirements of product family.
Active oxygen concentration of output.
Appearance quality
Fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine of choose and buy should pay attention to check the appearance of the machine, recommended to choose fashion appearance modelling, sophisticated manufacturing processes, a box with a certain volume of fruits and vegetables disinfection machine cleaning.In addition, on the choice of structure suggest you try to buy structure is relatively simple, washing baskets of detachable machines, this kind of fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine not only cheap, low failure rate, but also on the daily maintenance and cleaning is very convenient.
For fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine, the most important function of ozone is clean, because of the advantages of cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, preservation, and other functions are to rely on ozone.As a…