Marketing paper

Posted by admin on December 26, 2017 in Articles

Direct marketing
Since we do not have a very large budget we have to take advantage of our own products and show our quality. This is why it is extremely important the creation of printing materials like brochures, catalogs and flyers.
The possibilities are endless with direct marketing. Since what we actually sell are postcards we can send examples to our prospective clients letting them about our services and what we offer.
Every single piece of direct marketing will be handwritten by our robot so people can actually see the quality of the product and have a better idea of what we offer.
We can use brochures, catalogs and postcards and place them in offices and stores that our prospective clients visit.
We will also have a “request example “on our website so people who visit the website can request an example. This will also show how exactly how the website works.
On our direct marketing we will also create campaigns reminding professional about our services and we will include seasonal promotions to attract new customers.
Event marketing
Event marketing is entering a guerrilla era where the physical and the virtual cross paths, offering new options for marketing professionals who create buzz over a service or product.
This is a type of marketing that we can take advantage too; in event marketing we can also target our clients. Creating event and assisting to any type of event like fairs, conventions, seminars, networking meetings will help us grow our business.
Sponsoring event like networking meetings will help us to stay in front of our target marketing. It is very important to identify who we are targeting and create a good experience of our product.
Event marketing is essential for our business because it will allow us to have face to face interaction with our target audience, creating unique experiences and memories will be fundamental so people can remember us.
In Event marketing we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our product…