Marketing Course Project

Posted by admin on November 14, 2017 in Articles

Richards Sports and Food
Marketing PlanChristian Howard I want a totally fun and unique atmosphere to talk, eat, and do everything sports. This can be a place where men and women alike come to do everything sports, may it be football, basketball, racing, or even baseball. They can come here to be with people that have the same likes and theirthere significant others does not like the yelling at the TVtv. All people alike can come here and relax and watch some sports.
There areis plenty of sports lovers out there that would love to have such an experience and love to be able to do the things they can at Richards Sports and Food. We hope to have an environment for all the different sports lovers. We will have a lounge where the customer can rent a “party room.”. With the party room will come food service (at the expense of the customer) with a server, lounge chairs such as Lazy Boys and such things like that with big 60” or larger HDTV’s, and reinvent what they use to have called a “bad call brick”. They will have a chance to also have a personalized “bad call brick” made up for them (for an extra charge) where they can use this “bad call brick” (made of foam) and throw it at the television or whatever they want for when they believe that the referee made a bad call. This foam brick will also be their souvenir for booking a party in the “Sporting Fan room”. This room’s’ theme can be changed for any sport needed for the customer so they have a unique experience for themselves and guests if they choose. There will also be a sporting Internetinternet area where there will be computers set up for them to do anything sports on the computers from watch the game in private on the computer, to keeping updated on other game scores or even fantasy teams that they can keep up with. The rest of the building will be set up like a normal restaurant and bar that you can go to and eat and watch a game such as “Buffalo Wild Wings”. We will live up to our…