mandated reporting

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Mandated Reporting
May 4, 2015
Tracey SmithDiscussion Questions
Is Tavion’s mother’s statement of concern of abuse sufficient to warrant further investigation by the hospital In this situation the mother has every right to look into it. If it is for the right reasons. Now if the mother is trying to get custody of the child and trying to make false accusations, then she has no right. She is the boy’s mother and has every right to look into what had happened. It is a little suspicious that the father wanted permission asked before anyone looking into medical records and the mother he didn’t want to have any right to them. If there is not anything to hide he should not be afraid of people looking into the medical records.
Should Tavion’s mother be directed to a different department of the hospital or another organization regarding her concern of abuseIt is most likely that Tavion’s mother will need to go to the Records Department of the hospital in order to obtain a copy of the Emergency Room visit, as well as any other medical records of her son. In the state of Colorado both parents have access to any and all pertinent records, regardless of custody.
If there is a suspicion of child abuse, it should be brought to the Department of social services, or any law enforcement. Questions would then be asked as to why there is suspicion, and further investigation would take place if needed.
What internal and external forces impact this case
Internal forces include how the parents communicate and behave towards one another as a whole. If there is animosity between them, it will skew how each sees the care and welfare of their son. If they co-parent well, and have good communication, it will make any and all things concerning Tavion that much easier.
If Tavion’s mother finds out that her ex-husband has attempted to keep the medical records from her, it will only increase her uneasiness about the welfare of their son. If…