MA Comm Studies

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Curricular Requirements
I. Required Courses (12 units)
A. Take both of the following in the first year of study (8 units)
COMM 6000 Introduction to Graduate Study (4)
COMM 6010 Seminar in Theories in Communication (4)
B. Select at least one course from the following in the first year of study (4 units):
COMM 6040 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (4)
COMM 6050 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (4)
II. Cluster Courses (12 units)
Select at least three courses in the cluster of your choice (12 units; more may be taken).
A. Cluster 1: Communication Studies (12 units)
Any combination of 12 units taken from all clusters with advisor’s approval.
B. Cluster 2: Media Studies (12 units)
Required: COMM 6300 Seminar in Media Studies (4)
Select at least two courses from the following:
COMM 6020 Communication, Media and Society (4)
COMM 6450 Seminar in Globalization and Media (4)
COMM 6550 Seminar in Critical Cultural Studies (4)
COMM 6551 Critical Ethnic Media Studies (4)
C. Cluster 3: Organizational and Interpersonal Communication (12 units)
Required: COMM 6400 Seminar in Rhetorical Studies (Public Discourse) (4)
Select at least two courses from the following:
COMM 6600 Seminar in Organizational Communication (4)
COMM 6810 Seminar in Intercultural Communication (4)
COMM 6850 Professional Communication (covering facilitation, corporate communication and communications consulting) (4)
COMM 6100 Topics in Communication (4) (may be repeated)
COMM 6900 Independent Study (4)
Electives (12-20 units)
The number of elective units you take is determined by the Capstone Experience you choose in IV, below (e.g. 16 units of electives with a 5-unit Special Project). Total units for III. Electives and IV. Capstone Experience must be 21. Total units for degree is 45.Qualifying 4000 and 6000 level departmental and non-departmental courses to be approved in advance of every quarter, as per the University course calendar.
Capstone Experience (1-9…