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Career Development Planning
Introduction: I this task I will be monitoring and audit my progress that I have covered in my previous tasks. It is important that I audit my progress and see how I will meet each of my targets and the actions I will take in order to meet the targets.
SMART Targets:
The usefulness of the sources of information used for achieving targets and the amount of support I will receive.
Time Scale:
Changes need to be made:
Complete BTEC National Extended Diploma in Business with grade D,D,D.
I will need to get 8 Distinction and 1 Merit this year to be able to achieve a D*D D which I believe I can achieve. Last year I achieved 3 distinctions and 5 merits which make me confident I can do better this year with a high grade. I have been more focused this year and constantly doing my assignments and handing it to my teachers. In order to achieve this I will need to take many actions. I can get supports from wide range of sources. Firstly I will be asking my teachers when I need extra support with my assignments especially Unit 7 & 37 which I find challenging but I have and I will continue to try my best with support from my teachers. Also I will be using the business books in the learning zone for the related assignments. For each units which I am doing this year I can use the BTEC Level 3 books available in the learning zone and online to make sure I am following the criteria in order to achieve a D*,D,D. I can also again use the internet to conduct a thorough research about companies I can relate to in my assignments. The above courses will help me to achieve the course with a high grades. And there are different sources available which will help me to achieve those high grades.
July 2014
From the research I been carrying out on the internet and getting ideas from the teachers I will be able to understand the topics and produce a high grade work. I have a very good punctuality and attendance record which means I will not be missing…