Luther: A Design Brief

Posted by admin on November 13, 2017 in Articles

The game Luther is a pixel sandbox game. The player can play it to their imagination. They can
build, trade, and fight against other players (or CPU). It will be a 3rd-person, 2D game. The
player lives through the day and builds their fortress or house and trades with other players, and
at night, the player must fight off invaders, such as raiders and monsters. You try to live as long
as you can and never stop building. The world is your imagination.Characters
The characters contain the main character (Luther), the 3 market men (which are controlled by
the computer), and monsters (which are controlled by the computer).Challenges and Strategies
The character will have different challenges in their gameplay. They will need to construct
different tools to use so they can have the material to build their dream. It is progressively
harder to get the more “valuable” materials to construct better tools. You can choose a game
level to have less health, take more damage than normal, or make it harder to find resources.Rules
There are technically no rules in the game, considering it is a sandbox game. You build how you
want to. You could consider building limits as rules like how high you can build or how far you
can dig.Instructions
You wake up on untouched land in a new pixel world. You build to survive. Start out by building
a shelter. Build your way to your own empire. Live the way you want and try to survive by
fighting off raiders and monsters. The story is yours.Levels of Play
The levels will only be counted as experience point which you can redeem to upgrade tools and
weapons. The more you build, dig/mine, and fight, the more experience points you earn. The
more experience points levels you receive, the harder it is to achieve them. Each experience
level uses the formula (l*1.5+10) where l is your level. It takes 11.5 experience points to reach
level one. It takes 17.5 experience points to reach level 5….