Low self esteem effect

Posted by admin on January 26, 2018 in Articles

Male and Females you need to ask yourself do I have self-esteem is my self-esteem high or low do I even know what self-esteem do I feel I am somebody Do I feel judgemental about myself or am I happy about myself or I feel beautiful and wonderfully made.
We need to know the definition of Self-Esteem. Self-Esteem is how I feel about myself. It is my general judgement of myself. It is how much I like myself. So While Reading this essay examine yourself of how is your esteem high or low.
Why is it good to have High Self-esteem. It is good to have high self-esteem because you believe that your important, you believe that the World is better because I am in it, I have confidence in myself and my abilities, or I trust my my decisions.
Also If Males and Females have High Self-Esteem you are more than acceptable to accomplish task with no fear.
Self-esteem could be defined as how a person feels about his or herself. It determines if you are satisfied with certain aspects of your life, for example, your appearance, your personality, your abilities and your relationship with others. Usually people are very judgmental with themselves comparing themselves with others and making decisions about themselves based on the comparisons that they made. People constantly estimate or appraise themselves. Therefore it could be that self-esteem refers to the positive or negative evaluation of ourselves. Having a low self-esteem can be a horrible and detrimental way to spend your life. It often interferes with everyday situations, creating not only confusion but also a discouraging sense of hopelessness. People with low self-esteems often try to appear confident and careless. However, they frequently do things or say things that make them feel stupid, and somehow, not good enough to fit in with the rest of society.
When you have a low self-esteem, one thing that is particularly stressful is trying to talk to someone that you don’t know very well. The seemingly easy…