Legalizing Prostitution

Posted by admin on December 25, 2017 in Articles

Taylor Nelles
Period 5
Prostitution is seen as one of the oldest professions. According to the Sabotage Times, sex trade has been around since the third millennium B.C during the tie of the Sumerians. Since sex trade has been around for this long, it really is never going to go away. But still to this day, it is seen as a controversial issue. When the word prostitution comes to my mind, I don’t think of anything positive. I think of dirtiness and disease. But after doing more research, I found many reasons on how we could prevent these cases with making it a legalized occupation. A study done by a man by the name of Dylan Love in Nevada (the only state where prostitution is legalized) proved that “legalized, well regulated prostitution can be safe and profitable.” After reading Love’s reasoning as to why the rest of America should legalize prostitution, I couldn’t help but agree more and change my initial opinion.
The first reason why prostitution should be legalized in America because it would actually lesson the spread of STD’s and HIV’s. This may be a little shocking, but if you think about it, if prostitution was legalized, then people would actually become more prepared with protection against diseases. Illegal prostitutes might feel pressure to not use condoms because their pimps and clients don’t prefer it, but if it was legalized, then there could be a law that requires the prostitutes to use protection. Along with the use of protection law, prostitutes should also be required to get tested monthly/weekly for diseases and also be supplied with with more protection and be allowed free birth control for safer sex.
Another reason why prostitution should be legalized is that it would lower the unemployment rate. Prostitution doesn’t require a resume or job history, it’s seen more as “natural work.” Also, without the stigmatism that comes along with illegal prostitution, more people would be willing to do it as a full time job….