Leadership styles of two successful coaches. part 2

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Leadership Styles of Two Successful Coaches Part
Leadership Theory
LDR-600Leadership Styles of Two Successful Coaches Part 2
This paper will analyze two successful coaches of college basketball using the Katz three-skill approach and Mumford’s skill based model. The three-skill approach is a theory developed in 1955 by Robert Katz; he believed in order for leadership to be effective it had to consist of technical, human and conceptual skills (Northouse, 2013). Mumford and colleagues in 2000 recommended a new model grounded on additional skills leaders should have. This theory has five elements that are addressed, which are individual attributes, competencies, leadership outcomes, career experiences and environmental influences (Northouse, 2013). With the use of these two methods, Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski (known as Coach K) leadership skills and competencies will be identified. Blake and Moutons’ leadership grid will also categorize their leadership behaviors.
Coach Knight and Coach K both showed strong technical skills. Technical skills according to Northouse (2013), is knowledge about and competence in a specific type of work or activity. Both of these coaches had outstanding winning records in their careers that support this skill. Coach Ks’ career record in basketball at Duke University was 700-240 (Snook, Perlow & DeLacey, 2005). Coach Knight in 2003 earned his 800th victory in his career.
The human skill is knowledge about and ability to work with people according to Snook et al., (2005). Coach K felt family should be the upmost importance, and he considered all of the boys who played basketball for him to be family (Snook et al., 2005). He made extra effort to get to know each of his players and for them to get to know each other as well. Coach K never shied away from showing his feelings and saying, “I love you”. He earned the respect of others and showed respect in return (Snooks et al., 2005). Coach Knight was lacking…