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Posted by admin on February 3, 2018 in Articles

Is Transcription Easy
It sounds easy enough, right? But just like any other job, what’s easy for one person won’t be for another.For example, sometimes the files you listen to will be very poor quality, making it difficult to understand what’s being said. And other times, you might find yourself trying to interpret unclear dialog spoken in poor English or with a thick accent.The work is also quite repetitive. You will have to listen to the same audio over and over again in order to be sure you have transcribed it perfectly. If repetition drives you insane, transcription might not be the line of work for you.However, the flexibility of the work may make up for the fact it can be challenging and repetitive. “My children are grown now. But when they were younger, I did a lot of my work at night, after they were in bed, and during the day while they were in school,” says Mills. If you enjoy a flexible work schedule, transcription might be the right fit for you.In addition, managing your own schedule means you can plan time off when you need it. “I can take a vacation whenever I like. I just notify the company that I won’t be taking work for a few days to a week, and will get back in touch when I’m ready for more work,” explains Mills. “Most companies give you a 48-hour turnaround time on work, so I start something, take a break for a while, then come back to it later. And many companies allow you to take as much or as little work as you like.”
How Much Does Transcription Pay
“General transcription pays well in comparison to most work at home jobs,” says Mills. “The least I’ve made per hour is $15. But I often make $25 per hour or more. Those who specialize in legal can make an even higher wage per hour.”The exact amount you earn as a transcriptionist will depend on the company you’re working for, how much work is available, and of course your speed and skill level. In general, most companies that are willing to accept beginners do not…