job roles and responsibilities

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Job Role And Responsibilities.
Within this report, roles and responsibilities, rates of pay and an explanation of a counsellor shall be discussed.
A counsellor uses psychological theory and research to help people with a variety of problems, these problems can range from anxiety and depressions to life issues and mental health conditions. Life issues that a counsellor may have to deal with are;
Sexual abuse
Domestic violence
Mental health issues that counsellors deal with are;
Post traumatic stress order
Eating disorders
Anxiety.Counsellors will need to be able to communicate and work effectively with clients in order to help them. Counsellors work with children, adults, families, couples and groups. The counsellor I interviewed worked with mostly people who suffered from depression and they said they had to take assessments of their mental health needs, plan therapy, evaluate the therapy (and possibly change the therapy if it isn’t effective) and write reports on how the client has changed throughout the therapy. The counsellor I interviewed said she got paid up to ?75 an hour because she worked privately and not with the NHS. Counsellors that work with the NHS have to start training with the NHS and can earn from ?25,783 to ?34,530. The counsellor I interviewed said she got all distinctions at college, then went to university and completed a British Psychological Society degree then went on to work for herself, although you can also go on to work with the NHS. There is no minimum level of qualification needed in order to become a counsellor, although I’ve read that this is likely to change as counselling psychotherapy become regulated professions. Counsellors can either get paid for their work or do work voluntary; if a counsellor wants to get paid they can work in schools etc, voluntary counsellors can work for charities (for example, charities that help with bereavement). The British Association For Counselling and…