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IGNOU MBA MS-02 Solved Assignments 2010
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Management of Human Resources
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1) Explain the changing role of HRM. Discuss the challenges associated in the HRM
in present business scenario citing examples from the organizations you are
familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.
Solution: 1) The Human Resource Management [HRM] function has undergone
tremendous change over the past 25 years. Organizations looked to the “Personnel
Department,” mostly to manage the paperwork around hiring people. Human Resource
Management has become a strategic function in the success of contemporary
organizations. A primary function of workforce management is to develop internal talent
while reaching out for new skills (Creelman, 2005). Current market trends, politics,
technology, skill level, and future growth potential are internal and external factors H.R.
addresses in creating an adaptive and flexible workforce while improving and
maintaining human capital. This paper will describe the changing role of Human
Resource (HR) management in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity,
Diversity Management is a recent term used to address the growing need to incorporate
diverse representation in today’s workforce. Corporations and business professions seek
diversity as a goal. They recognize both the need and the benefit. of multiplicity in a
successful organization. A more diverse organization more closely reflects its
marketplace and public in its decisions and in its services (Dorsey, 2005). David L.
Dubois, former chair of the Appraisal Institute’s Diversity Committee once stated that
“the pursuit of diversity is to harness the strengths of our individual differences for the