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Network Design ProjectYou’re Free Inc. |
Network Design Project |
You’re Free Incorporated |
Executive Summary 3
Project Scope 4
Project Goal 5
Design Requirements 7
Design Requirements – Assumptions 9
Current State of the Network 9
New Logical and Physical Design 14
Implementation Plan 18
Budget 21
References 25
Appendix: Equipment Prices 27
Executive Summary
Network requirements are changing on a regular basis. Not too long ago you could only have a wired network connection. If you wanted to make that existing connection portable you simply just connected a longer cable to your computer and dragged it around the office. This contributed to a mess of unsightly cables and multiple connections around an office space that could be connected and reconnected as office layouts changed over time. Even just a few years ago a wireless network was not even worth the effort because of the slow connections and download speeds. Now every coffee shop offers wireless internet with speeds faster than the wired networks of 10 years ago.
The company at discussion, You’re Free Inc. is a small law firm that has just experienced some growth and doubled its employee roster as well as double its office space from one floor to two. It is currently using a very slow 10Mbps network to access applications on its server and do video conferencing. As you can imagine there is a big slow down in the network and high latency is experienced during a video conference and during peak business hours. Some employees have even suggested flex scheduling in order to get more work done, as the amount of people using the network will be spread out across the day.
The company has finally decided to create a budget for the installation of new network. This network will replace the drinking straw sized 10Mbps network with a sewer sized 1000Mbps network with integrated wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity will take the existing, well equipped Windows 7 laptops…