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IT 260 Week 1 DQs
IT 260 Week 1 Short Answer Worksheet
IT 260 Week 3 DQs
IT 260 Week 5 DQs
IT 260 Week 7 DQs
IT 260 Capstone Discussion Question
IT 260 Appendix B only
IT 260 Week 1 DQs
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Describe a scenario where you might use a database rather than a file system to store data. Explain why you would choose to use a database.
• What is data redundancy? Explain an issue with data redundancy and its effect on a business. Why should a person developing a relational database use keys in their relational database model•Explain advantages to using the relational database model to manage your data.
IT 260 Week 1 Short Answer WorksheetFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comIndividual Week One – Short-Answer Worksheet Resource: Associate Program Material: Week One – Short-Answer Worksheet Rev 1 located in the Course Materials Forum. Select one of the applications for a database project. Answer the questions on the worksheet. Submit your worksheet as an attachment and your electronically signed Certificate of Originality, in the Assignments section.
IT 260 Week 7 DQs
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Identify and discuss the steps you would take to test a database application.
• Discuss the importance of planning the implementation of a database application. What are some of the pitfalls of not planning for the implementation of a database application• Discuss how the ability to query data from a database would be or is useful for you in your place of work…