IS4560 – Hacker Techniques, Tools and Incident Handling.

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Reuben Kamwanga
IS4560 – Hacker Techniques, Tools and Incident Handling.
Unit 2 Assignment 1: Cryptography.
July 3, 20141. SSL type of certificate is used to provide security on Web sites.
2. PKI is the most common public key encryption systems and, in most cases, this relies on manual trust and key distribution.
3. MAC provides authentication or proves integrity of a digital message.
4.3DES encryption scheme was broken and was replaced with a third round version of itself.
5. RSA is the first algorithm suited to both signing and encryption, and it is now widely used in e-commerce and other public key systems.
6. The entity that issues certificates is a Certificate Authority.
7. The document to check to verify whether a certificate has been revoked is CRL.
8. Each bit of length increases the number of keys.9. Currently, 128 bit certificates are commonly used for web communications.
10. Triple DES provides 112 bits of security, despite using a 168 bit key.
11. Thawte, VeriSign, and Comodo are all examples of SSL Certificate Providers.
12. Hiding data in images is an example of Steganography.
13. Data Encryption Standard (DES), ROT13, and Enigma are all examples of Cryptography.
14. A digitally signed email provides Asymmetric encryption.
15. A digitally encrypted e-mail provides Public Key Cryptography.References
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