Interview Process

Posted by admin on January 30, 2018 in Articles

Mike: Hi, this is Mike.
Lin: Hi Mike, its Lin Bruno calling.
Mike: Hey Lin, how’re you doingLin: Sleepy but…good. Only one more day left.
Mike: I know we’re getting close to the weekend, and it’s supposed to…you’ve been to San Francisco, is that rightLin: Senozec.
Mike: Senozec, ok, well, you guys are busy right now, because it’s the weekend.
Lin: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, I’m not paying attention, I’m not really a football fan…but I’m trying to stay away from those areas where activities will be taking place
Mike: Sure, it’s very busy.
Lin: Where are youMike: I’m down in San Diego. I’m also…I think we met at the Cooper show. Were you at the Cooper? I’m sure up there at San Francisco last yearLin: Yeah yeah. Were you working in the boozeMike: I was, yeah. I was. I think, we briefly met though it was a quick one but…don’t think I had to meet you there.
Lin: Okay. Yeah good, thanks for reminding me. Are you coming this year?
Mike: I hope so, yeah, I’m planning on it. I’m not[inaudible 00:01:24] but I really want to. I’ve been working pretty close to Colorado’s super people and it seems like a good opportunity.
Lin: Who do you work withMike: Probably you’ve heard of Billy Ackyon, he’s the son of the guy in the central, kind of one of the [inaudible 00:01:42] guys, Jennifer Shmith and De fase gava are the strategic reps found here in San Diego. Just as the [inaudible 00:01:53]
Lin: And are they selling you in this some dealMike: We are…we’re working on it. So, we’ve been talking about a couple of deals, but we haven’t had any [inaudible 00:02:02] together yet. We’re getting closer
Lin: Oh good. We know they’re having Richard Branson at the event this year.
Mike: Oh reallyLin: Yeah.
Mike: I really wanna go. I think, The Richard Branson…
Lin: Yeah, you’re gonna make a big splash.
Mike: Wow, that’s interesting, I do wanna go.
Lin: Yeah, he’s gonna be the keynote, him and his son, I guess. He does some stuff with…