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WHAT IS OD INTERENTIONSThe term intervention refers to set of sequenced, planned actions or events intended to help organizations to increase its effectiveness. Interventions purposely disrupt the status quo; they are deliberately attempts to change an organization or sub-unit toward a different and effective state.
• OD interventions has four sets of attributes to the organization setting:1. A set of values
2. A set of assumptions
3. A set of goals
4. A set of structured activities
• Interventions are just one component of the OD formula
• OD Interventions are classified on the basis of:1. The objectives of interventions.
2. The targets of the interventions.
? DIAGNOSTIC? Fact finding activities designed to ascertain the state of the system.
? Data collection methods are interviews; questionnaire surveys meetings and examining organizational records.? TEAM-BUILDING? Activities to design to enhance the effective operation of system teams.
? They may relate to task issues, such as the way things are done, the needed skills to accomplish tasks, the resource allocations necessary for task accomplishments; or they may relate to the nature and quality of the relationships between the team members or between members and the leader. Again, a wide range of activities is possible.
? Different kinds of teams are formal work teams, temporary task force teams newly constituted teams and cross teams.
? INTERGROUP? Activities to design to improve the effectiveness of independent groups.
? They focus on joints activities and output is considered as a single system.
? When more than two groups are involved, the activities are called organizational mirroring.? EDUCATION AND TRAINING? Activities design to improve the individual skills, abilities and knowledge.
? The activities may be directed toward technical skills required for performing task.
? The…