Industrial dryer installation technology

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Dryer is one of the main equipment of mineral processing equipment, strong technical installation requirements, high technological standards. The design of the installation work shall be in accordance with the relevant documents, drawings, standards, rules and regulations, according to the accurate installation program and carry on the reasonable construction of this work instruction.
Industrial dryers
A, dryers preparation work before installation:
1, basic acceptance: the main check foundation concrete pouring quality and size position deviation: appearance requirements based on the surface is clean, no oil, dirt and debris, unreinforced bare, no crack Angle, is expected to leave no residual external shell plate hole, and other casting defects. The basic size and position deviation shall meet the following requirements: shape, size and basic coordinate position, vertical and horizontal axis error of less than 20 mm. Different surface elevation error is less than 20 mm, promised to negative promised is not only;Slope length error of less than 20 mm, the discharging end is promised not to allow;On flat flatness not less than 5 mm/m, total length of less than 10 mm.
2, equipment acceptance: contrast dryers manufacturers equipment packing list, the spare parts, components, such as scale, random file for inventory, for wrong hair is short, the deformation damage, etc., and the documentary, so that purchasing or preparation before installation. Remove packing their protective coating of coating and dust, grease, rust, etc., check repair the damage caused by the deformation in the process of transportation, loading and unloading. The spare parts, hub assemblies, preliminary tests and preassembly, to avoid the rework installation work, and ensure the installation quality and…