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Integrative Learning Project: Organizational Setting
Liberty University Online
BUSI 650: Operations Management
Dr. Daniel Rogers
March 29, 2015
JetBlue Airways started operations in 2000 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Currently, JetBlue Airways operates in more than 90 locations, including some international destinations. They are continuing to add routes as the customer needs increase (JetBlue Airways, 2015b).
JetBlue Airways’ mission is to “bring humanity back to the skies” (JetBlue Airways, 2015a, para. 2). JetBlue Airways also commits some of their resources to improving the community around them. This is an important aspect of the airline their commitment to customer service has separated them from their competition. JetBlue Airways has also created a Bill of Rights for their customers that include how JetBlue Airways handles delays, cancellations, and diversions of flights as well as the details of their customer service. They provide 24/7 customer service with their customer service agents that work from home (JetBlue Airways, 2015c). Customers are not the only people that JetBlue Airways focuses on. They support their staff and communities.
JetBlue Airways’ customers are the people who look to buy plane tickets and people who have bought plane tickets. They provide their customers with various ways to look up and purchase tickets. JetBlue Airways is keeping with current trends for customers to pay for things with the ability to use Apple Pay TM. JetBlue Airways is the first United States airline to accept Apple Pay. Customers will be able to use Apple Pay to make purchases in the JetBlue Airways cell phone app later in 2015 (JetBlue Airways, 2015d).
JetBlue Airways also lets customers use their cell phone app to book a flight, get flight status, and know what in-flight entertainment will be available. Also available to customers through the cell phone app is the ability for customers to have a digital…