Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration: Republican vs Democrat
Ashlin B. Federick
Delaware Technical Community CollegeAbstract
Immigration is a driving force in the composition and size of cities across the United States. This paper will describe the connection between immigration flows and comparatively identify how each political party in the United States, the Republicans, and Democrats view immigration in their respective party. Usually favored by business men and those of middle and upper class stature, the Republicans believe in reforming immigration and its laws on behalf of national security. Although divided on the exact extent of the tightened laws necessary, the entire Republican Party as a whole emphasizes the differences in benefits between legal citizens of the US and those remaining illegally. The party has always been divided on exactly what extent immigration laws should be tightened, but as a whole the party believes that a system needs to be in place to ensure that immigrants who enter this country illegally are not provided with the same benefits that legal citizens are. On the other hand, democrats are favored by manual and low-income worker and in order to embrace the country’s diversity the feel they must fix our broken immigration system immediately by supporting stronger border patrols and identifying those immigrants who have remained illegal with then the country.Illegal Immigration: Republican vs Democrat
According to Roman Joch (2010), “The number of illegal immigrants in the USA is estimated to be anywhere between 14-20 million” (p. 32). Even though the platforms have changed over the years, there is still a difference of opinion between the Democratic and Republican Parties.
Republicans have always been strong believers in tightening the immigration laws. They believe in welcoming immigrants that come legally to the United States but making sure illegal immigrants are not granted the same benefits as legal citizens…