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Braylon White
English 1301-020
1 Febuary 2016
Project1:SummaryBack in 2002 David Kahn owned over 45 blockbusters in America. Out of nowhere a company called Netflix came along and stole the show. Putting David Kahn blocker Buster Company in jeopardy. In today’s world technology has made it easy for one to start a new company. A downfall to that though is an increase of products which leads to job cuts. Because of all the job cuts, job creation was at its lowest rate. Jobs in America have really changed over the years. We live in a project based economy now. Which means more than likely your profession will change frequently. A major reason some people have become successful reinventions is because their attitudes is better than their experience.
Until David Kahn’s blockbuster company crashed he had been doing just fine as blockbuster was one of the biggest franchises. Kahn had it all, fancy cars, houses, and anything else you can think of. But everything went downhill after Netflix came alone.
In 2006 David Kahn decided his time was up with the company and that it was time to let it go. After a while he started losing all of his nice things. Next Kahn thought hard at his skills, deciding his expertise was in franchises, not videos. So he decided to purchase some subways but that didn’t last long after subway came out with the Five dollar foot long crushing Kahn’s profit assumptions. He sold the franchises and it was back to square one for him. But with deep belief he knew he would figure it out. So he flew to Los Angeles because he knew plenty of opportunities were out there for him. Kahn was able to conduct research and find distributors for a company called Yogurt Mountain. His company became very successful and became very know all over Los Angeles.
Mike Merrill seemed to have ever thing going for him. He spent years climbing up the sales chain at Intel and later Dell. In 2008 Mike decided it was a no brainer to go from Dell to a…