Ice cream machine, homemade matcha ice cream

Posted by admin on January 28, 2018 in Articles

Homemade ice cream matcha bring summer a wisp of pure and fresh
Sorching summer, for their own to do a matcha ice cream, not only can be good, also bring to your life with a small green breeze.With me and never leave home can enjoy the cool summer.
Japanese matcha ice cream
Ingredients: milk, light cream, egg yolks, sugar, tea powder, corn starch
1. Put half of the sugar, maccha powder bowl.
2. The other half of the sugar and egg yolk mixture to stir the egg yolk liquid into light yellow, and mixed with corn starch.
3. The whipping cream with milk into the thick bottom milk pot boil over low heat, into the matcha powdered sugar, stay not particularly hot, maccha milk into the egg yolk liquid, flushed the cool side stir constantly, in order to avoid hot into egg drop soup.
4. Pour maccha milk egg yolk mixture into thick bottom small milk pan, stir with micro fire heating while constantly guoquan, so as to avoid glue pot.See paste pot milk thicken, on your spoon milk paste can qualify, immediately turn off the heat.Don’t bring to a boil, cold water, between the flavors to cool cool.
5. Will cool off tin foil covering the flavors of the fridge frozen more than two hours, until soft frozen hard in the middle on both sides, take out with an electric egg beater low-speed mixing evenly, then use the refrigerator frozen on the wrap.Repeat three times or more in sealed containers can be saved.
Tip: can’t cook the egg yolk paste, otherwise into egg drop soup cannot be undone.Ice cream before, the best from the freezer first moved to the freezer slow for 10 minutes, the palate is soft.