Ice cream machine appear frozen urn

Posted by admin on January 28, 2018 in Articles

Used in ice cream machine, especially the first use of ice cream opportunities often appear problem, the reasons of frozen urn the following five:
Water slurry water not too much, too much easy to freeze, if ice will naturally cause cylinder with cold ice cream machine, please in strict accordance with the proportion ratio of slurry.
On both sides of the frozen cylinder output difference is too big, one side of the ice cream output less prone to frozen cylinder phenomenon.Avoid way: if the two kinds of taste is the same, less in the output of discharging mouth extrusion output more than a few ice cream poured into output side of the loading cylinder, make output both sides maintain basic balance.If it is a different taste, need to try to keep the balance of production in sales.
Cleaning after the ice cream machine mixing water in cylinder no put clean, it is also very easy to have iced cylinder phenomenon.
The loading cylinder has no size, but the ice cream machine still in refrigeration, frozen cylinder easily at this time.Please note that loading at any time.
Long time no production of ice cream, and constantly refrigeration machine, this is also easy to cause cold phenomenon of cylinder.Avoid: more than 30 minutes without output ice cream, please stop the machine, or some ice cream poured back into the corresponding output storage tank.
Solution: first turning off the power of the ice cream machine, check whether there is ice cream slurry in the storage material cylinder, if not fill slurry.If frozen after the cylinder is not out of the ice cream, and still have ice cream in the loading cylinder size, you need the ice cream machine stop work 30 minutes waiting for refrigeration cylinder of melting ice cream.