Humn424 Never Let me Go

Posted by admin on February 25, 2018 in Articles

Never Let Me Go: Cloning and It’s Ethical IssuesDeVry UniversityThe film Never Let Me Go describes human cloning in society and raises ethical issues regarding this practice. The story walks you through the life of three human clones Kathy, Tommy and Ruth and how they mature through the process. The three segments of the movie take place at Hailsham a boarding school where they grow up as children, the cottages where they finish their teen years and mature until the donation process begins and lastly the donations and completion. A bond forms between these three characters and develops through the story. The film also compares a clone’s life to a normal human in this society. As much as the clones appear to be real people, you also see that they display non-human characteristics. By the end of the story, two of the characters go through the donation process while the third, Kathy who is the narrator of the story, is a “carer” before becoming a donor. A “carer” is a term used in this movie to describe a clone that comforts and helps clones that are in the process of donating to recover after a procedure has been performed. Clones continue to have their organs harvested and recover until the last donation causes their “completion” which is the term for death used in this story. A major question presented by the process is why are the clones so accepting of what is going to happen to them and why do they just welcome their fate? This movie also brings to the audience’s attention a number of issues including the morality of human cloning and the idea of creating human clones just for organ donation. In addition, there is an underlying theme which makes one think: is human cloning being done for the greater good of society and therefore ethically correctThe roles that the clones play are eerily similar to a human’s life. They go to school and learn, make…