How to deal with vertical roller mill equipment wear

Posted by admin on December 21, 2017 in Articles

REVIEW: vertical roller mill equipment “wear and tear” mainly refers to the generation of machines, performance degradation, failures and scrap four cases, this article focuses on how to face these situations occur.
Illness and death of several stages of human life must face, which is vertical roller mill equipment inevitable death refers to the first generation of vertical roller mill and scrap, but it refers to the old and sick in the series milling machine after long-term use of machine failures and performance problems that arise, then how should we deal with the illness and death of vertical roller milling machine naThe first is the old, which means that after long-term use of vertical roller milling machine production equipment, such as performance appeared decline phenomenon, to solve this problem is to find a way to extend the life of the machine, in general, to extend the mill stand ensuring the quality of life needs to be maintained its premise, you can reduce the frequency of failures;
Secondly disease, which mainly refers to a variety of failures vertical roller mill occurring during use, to reduce the frequency of operation of the device is necessary to correct a fault occurs, and its regular maintenance, which requires professional staff to make operate the machine, and follow the instructions to operate vertical roller milling equipment, usually regular inspection and maintenance, such as lubricating oil to add to pay attention to cleanliness and other issues, but also added regularly;
Again, is dead, it said was standing mill equipment obsolescence, generally vertical roller mill in use after a certain number of years will be facing retirement phenomenon, which can only be replaced when a new machine;
Finally, speaking about the birth vertical roller milling machine, which refers to the produce, which is the design and manufacturer of its development, production and design time to pay attention to is the quality and the Friends of the chain…