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Research 3.1
James dean
HU-4640 /EthicsThroughout this paper I will discuss the Thai people culture and life style. We will go over the custom, manners, taboos and several other traditions. These traditions will be discussed including the sensitive subjects like taboos.
Thai customs are still in their roots ever since they have grown up. Once of the customs is putting their hand together and a slight bow. This represents a thank you for the gift or giving the gift. This is a sign of appreciation for the gesture. Public affections are not common in the older generation while the younger generations is changing that slowly. Also touching people in the head is considered to be rude and disrespectful. In Thai culture the feet is considered the dirtiest part of to the body and its considered disrespectful if the feet touches any part of the furniture. When Thai people sit they on the floor with the feet pointing to the back not facing anyone. Thai people like to keep a happy attitude while avoiding either conflict or argument. The chain of command is also being respected. For an example a child should respect the parents and the worker should respect their bosses. Also people from their country should respect the government. Another offensive gesture that people don’t do is step on Thai currency. Thai monks are forbidden to come to contact with woman.
When going into a Thai home it’s important that the guest take off their shoes to show respect. Thai people also have monks and they are Buddhist. . The monks are not allowed to mingle with the woman also all women must make way when a monk passes through a crowd. Physical contact is prohibited for a monk and all clothing given from a woman to a monk must be set on the base of their feet. The majority of Thai people is Buddhist and remains strong. The small but few are Christians. Right after birth the majority of Thai people have nick names that are used out throughout…