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dfaf tried to gather and record the areas of marketing that meet two goals. First, I have included the information that is most likely to be used by a typical marketing student. Second, I have written about principles of marketing that are true principles, that is, that are less likely to change fundamentally in the foreseeable future. In choosing material to cover, I have tried to consider the fact that most people who learn this material do not have their primary professional responsibility in marketing. Therefore, I have attempted to focus on material that will be most helpful to those who will not work primarily in the marketing area. If you learn this material and are not a marketing person at least it will help you work more effectively with those who are in marketing and improve your ability to be a better consumer.
I hope you enjoy your experience with this e-book. As with any project, I will be trying to continuously change this book to meet the needs of its users, so please let me know of any suggestions, recommendations you may have particularly as they apply to your ability to learn and apply the material presented.
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Principles of marketing: An applied, collaborative learning approach Table of ContentsChapter One – What is marketing and how does it differ from sales, advertising, and promotion?
Chapter Two – What is Marketing Management and what do product managers and marketing managers doChapter Three – How do we identify and understand markets?
Chapter Four – Why do we study buying behavior in Marketing and what have we learnedChapter Five – How companies manage marketing research
Chapter Six – How do companies decide what products and services to marketChapter Seven – Specific Challenges of Marketing High Technology
Chapter Eight – How is the pricing decision madeChapter Nine – How do producers get their products and services to their target customersChapter Ten –…