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Assignment 208

Task D- Short answer questions

Di- List three hazardous substances that can be found in an adult social care setting
Cleaning chemicals
Bodily fluids

Dii- Table
Storage- Locked in a medication trolley
Use- Given to service users as prescribed to do so
Disposal- To be sent back to the pharmacy for them to dispose of.

Body Waste:
Storage- In a yellow bag located in the sluice room
Use- Using personal protective equipment for example aprons and gloves. Soiled line gets put straight into a red sluice bag.
Disposal- Once the yellow bin is 75% full the waste company will collect and dispose of them.

Cleaning Fluids:
Storage- In a locked cleaning cupboard
Use- To clean the care home of any germs. Using personal protective equipment for example aprons and gloves and always wash your hands afterwards
Disposal- Always read the disposal instructions on the label or use all of the contents of the bottles.

Diii- Identify three common hazards related to handling and storing food
Biological hazard- There are a vast number of different types of biological hazards that can be present within food. These are typically micro-organisms and include viruses, bacteria and parasites
Chemical hazard- There are different types of chemical hazards associated with food like naturally occurring chemicals, intentionally-added chemicals unintentional or incidental chemical additives.
Physical hazard- These are different to biological or chemical hazards as they generally cause problems for relatively few consumers per incident. The result of personal injuries is usually not life threatening but can cause considerable personal distress. This can be broken teeth, choking, and cut mouths.

Div- Explain how to:
Store food safely- Some foods need to be kept in the fridge in order to help stop bacteria from growing on it for example food with a ‘use by’ date, cooked food and ready-to-eat…