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HCS 245 Entire Course (UOP)For more course tutorials visitwww.tutorialrank.comHCS 245 Week 1 DQsHCS 245 Week 1 Disease QuestionnaireHCS 245 Week 2 DQsHCS 245 Week 2 Disease in the NewsHCS 245 Week 3 DQsHCS 245 Week 3 Adopt a Disease OutlineHCS 245 Week 4 DQsHCS 245 Week 4 Assignment Cultural and Disease PaperHCS 245 Week 5 DQsHCS 245 Week 5 Learning Assignment Adopt a Disease Presentation____________________________________________________HCS 245 Week 2 Disease in the News (UOP)For more course tutorials visitwww.tutorialrank.comWrite a review of a journal, newspaper, or magazine article that you have recently read concerning a disease trend. Some examples are Tuberculosis, AIDS, the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, Anthrax, or Chickenpox. In a 700- to 1,050-word paper, contain the following sections:Introduction. What is the article about
Does the article make any claims about treatment of the disease
Does the article provide a national or global perspective about the disease
ConclusionReferences____________________________________________________HCS 245 Week 3 Adopt a Disease Outline (UOP)For more course tutorials visitwww.tutorialrank.comEach Learning Team will identify a disease to adopt throughout the duration of the course.Pick a disease which you are interested in from one of the major disease categories such as heart disease, respiratory (asthma, smoking), endocrine (diabetic), hepatitis, infectious diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), etc.Teams will investigate:HistoryTransmissionAffected populationsPossible treatment options (if any)Be concise while preparing the outline for the presentation and focus on the most relevant information.Submit your outline to your faculty in Week Three.Utilize a minimum of two references to support your claims____________________________________________________HCS 245…