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Kennosha Allen
Ms. Kirkham
9/8/14 Steps to Writing a Grant ProposalA Grant Proposal is a written program plan that details how the plan will help a needs or problem. The Grant Proposal includes the following sections:
Table of contents
Specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem statement
Target populations
Approaches and methods
Long- and short-term goals
Process, outcome, and impact objectives
Activity plans and scheduling (timeline)
Evaluation plan
Agency capacity and project management
Budget and budget justifications
The Abstract is the most important thing to me in the proposal. It is like a summary of what is to be expected and it maps out what you should look forward to in the plan. “It is among the first few pages that the proposal readers would read and form the important first impression” (Yuen/Terao, 2003) The Abstract, is a written summary of thing in the Grant Proposal that we wish to accomplish within the program is funding is available. The abstract usually tells us the following:Name of agency
Type of organization
Purpose and objectives of the project
Specific interventions for the project
Target population: demographic, age, race, gender, SES, special needs, etc.
Location(s) and setting(s) of project
Relevance of the proposed project to the funding intentions. PEACE is a Domestic Violence Agency that is committed to reduce victim trauma, empower survivors, and promote recovery through direct services. PEACE is committed to reducing the incidence of sexual assault and domestic violence through education and strives to challenge societal norms and beliefs that condone and perpetuate violence in the community.
Table of Contents is a guide to direct the reader of the proposal to a section he or she is interested in reading. It is a detailed listed that directs the reader to a section quickly to review.Specific Aims, presents the…